RenoWare Technologies Inc.

RenoWare is a NEW software app developed specifically for Kitchen & Bath and Home Improvement companies. It is the ONLY app that EASILY HANDLES the entire PROCESS from LEAD to COMPLETION, all supported by experienced industry personnel.

After creating 3D designs and material lists, from one or multiple design/estimating systems (i.e. 2020 kitchen design, Luxwood deck, post/frame, Window & Door manufacturer’s and many more estimating programs), manage the sales and production process with RenoWare. Then pass the information over to your POS or Accounting system.

Collect customer information on a smart phone or tablet in the field to start a new job in RenoWare. Reduce repetitive typing and unmanageable paperwork, eliminate using multiple programs like Word, Excel, or hand written incomplete “quotes”. RenoWare Templates ensure more complete, accurate, legal, Professional Contracts.

Complete the process with Installer Agreements, Change Orders, Completion & Warranty Certificates, Satisfaction Survey, and even Service Tracking. And there’s many more construction forms and documents, easily emailed, all from one program. Customize all Documents to suit your business. Comprehensive, relative Reportsallows you to measure job & project type profitability and staff productivity, so you can improve and support to increase profits.

Effectively build on existing relationships, reach new customers with a unique, powerful marketing program. A simple to use, fully-integrated marketing program maintains personalized contact with your customers and attracts new ones. The personalized post cards from your store can include references to completed neighbourhood jobs and relevant offers or promotions.


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